My first words…

“I’m the one person in this industry who famously has never made any money. I used to say some people make money and some make history.”

The late, great Tony Wilson

Here it is, my own damn blog. For sometime I’ve been hemorrhaging my thoughts on brazen babble…and it’s really not fair of me to punish my colleagues like that. Amazing jokes aside, I’ve been sat here for hours panicking about what my first words should be…there’s so much pressure to get them right – I bet Neil Armstrong was shi**ing in his spacesuit when taking his first steps on the moon! So instead of saying something ridiculous, I thought I’d let Tony do the talking.

Our first words are so important…impressions and relationships are literally forged within seconds so you can understand why it is imperative to get them right. Ask Nick Clegg…his first words got him into Downing Street (sort of).

With my first words now behind me, I shall bid you adieu and leave you with the following…

“My life is made complete by working with people who are cleverer than me, I am obsessed with their genius. I am just a journalist or a presenter. I can’t write songs or design clubs. And I’ve never wanted to be a rock star because I can’t sing. I have a craft and I’m good at that.”

The late, great Tony Wilson


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