Never mind the b*ll*cks…19/06/10

Here’s my pick of the week’s best online PR, social media activity plus digital developments which are breaking down the walls of traditional communication techniques:

MTV & American Express
It’s every socialite’s dream job, to be the social media voice of a generation. So whilst a group of fame-leaches rot in a house infested with cameras, they might wish they hadn’t bothered and instead have entered MTV’s latest online activity. Teaming up with American Express, the pop-culture specialists are searching for an ‘MTV TJ’ (Twitter Jockey) who will get access to red carpet events, hot celebrities and earn a $100,000 salary. Might apply myself…

People often ask; “How do you engage with bloggers?” They should perhaps be asking; “How do you not engage with bloggers?” This is a question The Sun should have pondered before pissing off every major football blogger by press-ganging them into their online World Cup activity. Silly Sun…

Whilst we’re on the subject of bloggers, here’s a handy list of the UK’s top mummy bloggers released by Cision. Just make sure you treat them with respect…hell has no fury like a mummy blogger scorned.

In preparation for Red Bull’s imminent X Fighters event in London, the thrill-seeking brand is asking fans to create a short ‘highlight’ mash-up of archive footage. An excellent example of crowdsourcing, watch this campaign develop as Red Bull utilises the homemade content to their own advantage. Quite similar to a campaign I was involved with for Hyundai – 30beats.

30 minutes in length, perhaps keep this one on the back burner until the next England match. But it’s well worth a watch as Jake McKee explains the success behind LEGO’s social media strategy.

By the Comms Anarchist, Manchester based PR propagandist, social media transmitter and digital brigadier…at least i didn’t say ‘guru’.


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