The luddite formally known as Prince

If ‘the artist formally known as Prince’ is correct, I might as well give up my day job because according to him, ”the internet is completely over”.

Now if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had made this outrageous claim, I might just sit up and listen so what justification does Prince have?

Prince: “The internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers, and that can’t be good for you.”

OK Prince, that doesn’t really tell us why the internet is over? Last time I looked MTV was still making a pretty hefty profit…

Princess: “I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it, and then they get angry when they can’t get it.”

Ah right, now we have it…it’s all down to money! Well Prince, not sure if anyone has shared this dirty little secret with you yet, but the internet is actually the driving force behind the music industry at the moment and I wouldn’t be so quick to write it off.

As it turns out, this throw-away comment comes in the wake of the musicians latest album, 20Ten, in which the mad man has shunned the likes of iTunes and decided to give it away…via the Daily Mirror and Daily Record (like a DVD of Zulu).

There’s just one thing bothering me, being the strategist that I am…I’m failing to see the commercial value of this venture. Sure it’s a two-way relationship; the Mirror gets an exclusive reader freebie and hopefully boost their figures whilst Prince gets a nice lump-sum for the rights usage. But surely Prince can still sell records? And lets face it, just in case his record label bods haven’t told him, the likes of Spotify and iTunes are doing quite well with iTunes selling its 10 billionth song in February 2010.

So what is it? Here’s a stab in the dark…maybe it’s sh*t? Perhaps Prince’s latest album is so damn tragic that he (and the record label bosses) aren’t confident it will sell and worse still, damage his reputation if seen to be charging fans for audible tripe? Has Purple Rain turned into a shower of sh*te?

Who knows… And I didn’t buy the Mirror either so couldn’t give you my expert opinion on his latest soundtrack but if anyone did happen to pickup the Mirror (don’t worry, I won’t judge you) it would be great to hear your reviews.

By the Comms Anarchist, Manchester based PR propagandist, social media transmitter and digital brigadier…at least i didn’t say ‘guru’.

And now for something completely different…Mr Nice – The Movie

From time-to-time, I may decide to share something with you off topic…just to show that I am human after all.

At this year’s Glastonbury, I discovered some amazing news! It wasn’t that Kylie was going to be parading around half-naked on the Pyramid Stage or that Florence and the bloody Machine were planning a really bad rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain (shame on you Flo!) but an imminent film release that got me rather excited. Mr. Nice…the movie.

For those who don’t know who Mr. Nice is, AKA Howard Marks, he is a Welsh national treasure bizarrely idolised for once being one of the world’s most notorious drug barrons – we’re a bit strange us Welsh. However, it’s not his drug smuggling antics which are admired but his remarkable life stories which have included being Britain’s most wanted man; linked with MI6, the IRA and the Mafia plus assuming forty-three aliases, eighty-nine phone lines, and twenty five companies trading throughout the world.

He is quite frankly one of the world’s greatest raconteurs and a man you begin to admire if you read his books and see his live shows. Despite the seriousness of his crimes, there’s a certain roguishness charm, and even genious, about Marks because he’s not a cockney gangster bragging about how many men he’s hacked up – his whole life is a torrent of scenerios and situations that even Hollywood’s top producers would struggle to conjure up.

I remember seeing Howard at Glastonbury 2009 and at the end of his live show one of the audience members asked who would portray him if his life was made into a movie? Marks replied; “I’m not sure who’d play me but I do know one thing, they should make a second Twin Town (another must-see Welsh classic).”

Thankfully for Howard, the directors chose Rhys Ifans…good choice chaps!

By the Comms Anarchist, Manchester based PR propagandist, social media transmitter and digital brigadier…at least i didn’t say ‘guru’.

Never mind the b*ll*cks…03/07/10

Back from Glastonbury, albeit still a little dazed and confused, but here’s my pick of the week’s best online PR, social media activity plus digital developments which are breaking down the walls of traditional communication techniques:


This project is a few months old but it’s a fantastic example of enhancing the user experience via video interaction. Keeping Keeley, featuring Page 3 model Keeley (it is Lynx remember…), is a role-play game hosted through Facebook and YouTube where the user’s aim is to basically pull Keeley through a number of interactive decisions. The video symbolises Lynx’s brand strategy perfectly but most importantly, they’re utilising the latest online developments to their advantage. Video is no longer one-dimensional…
Check it out…

Manchester Evening News
The MEN Online has proved that a leopard can change its spots. Traditionally red, Trinity Mirror bosses thought that perhaps the publication favoured United readers over City and in a fantastic PR stunt, has given their audience the ability to switch the website colours.
Check it out…

Lady Gaga
Sometimes I feel like I’m Lady Gaga’s biggest fan the amount of times I reference her. But that’s because she’s a pioneering example of how Pop Culture is accelerating online. The chart topper has now also become the first living person to have more than 10 million fans on a single social networking site. With stats like that, it’s really no surprise that the fame monster has entered Forbes’ Celebrity 100 power list at number four!
Check it out…

Social Network – The Movie
Yep, that’s right…Social Media – The Movie. I’m not convinced either. A film about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook…can a geek really be that interesting?
Check it out…

For the record, this is the BEST agency website I have ever seen. Hosted via YouTube, yes YouTube, words can’t describe how innovative and forward-thinking these guys are. Top, top and extra marks all round
Check it out…

By the Comms Anarchist, Manchester based PR propagandist, social media transmitter and digital brigadier…at least i didn’t say ‘guru’.