If Fabio can apologise…so can I

(I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake…I’m so sorry, I’ve made a terrible mistake…) I’m sorry, my wife has made a mistake and been a terrible blogger.

From someone who should practice what they preach, I’ve broken the golden rule of blogging – consistency. Investing many hours of my time in establishing this blog, I’ve subsequently lost and disengaged from my audience by not blogging. For example, would you read a newspaper that printed the same stories every morning? The Daily Mail excluded of course… (Cheap shot #1)

The same principle applies to corporate blogging but obviously the results can be disastrous if you lose your audience – the modern-day consumer can be very unforgiving. For me, blogging is a ‘want’ – it’s something I will prioritise after I’ve fulfilled all my ‘needs’…such as making money. On a positive note, if I’m not blogging it often means I’m too busy which in the world of a freelancer…is a good thing! A corporate blog on the other hand, this is pretty much a requirement and a fulltime job believe me. It’s something not to be taken lighthearted, you either commit to it or you don’t…it’s as simple as that. So how do organisations fulfill their blogging requirements? Most start off like me…trying to blog amongst their other daily duties which is fine, but soon takes a backseat once the going gets tough – similar to the situation I find myself in now…having to apologise to my followers. So what would be the solution?

1 – I share the load and find myself another Comms Anarchist who can blog alongside me. This not only doubles my content and enhances the blog but also covers those periods when I simply haven’t the time or resources.

2 – I quit my day job and take up blogging fulltime…or quit blogging and employ someone else to do it fulltime.

In the corporate world, these are two valid suggestions but with social media now paramount in the world of consumerism and new platforms launching by the day – most are investing in fulltime online ambassadors.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not in a position to implement either option 1 or 2 so expect to see me begging for forgiveness on more than one occasion.

By the Comms Anarchist, Manchester based PR propagandist, social media transmitter and digital brigadier…at least I didn’t say ‘guru’.