Graeme Anthony CVIV – The Aftermath – Part 1

Wow, what a day that’s been ey? Don’t know about you but I’m sick of the sound of my own voice

Firstly I’d just like to go on the record and say a huge thank you to everyone who has posted me messages of support. Especially Paul Armstrong and Robin Grant who were the chaps responsible for the most stressful, sleep deprived 24 hours of my life.

Secondly, I’ve received an awful lot of attention from this but there’s one guy who’s an unsung hero, my good friend and video extraordinaire – Dan Burdett. Dan was responsible for bringing my creation to life and giving it that professional feel which he did superbly. An aspiring multimedia mastermind, I would recommend him as one of the most talented individuals that I have ever had the privilege of working with…use him – Heavyweight Media (Shameless plug over…)

Down to business, there’s lots of questions you want answering and loads to talk about so I’ll try to post condensed blogs as things develop. The question on everyone’s lips seems to be has it worked? And to be blunt, yes, it most certainly has.

The response has been mind-blowing with offers of interest ranging from small start-up businesses all the way through to large multinational organisations. I’ve received requests to go work abroad and some high-profile individuals have suggested that I start-up on my own which was extremely flattering. Needless to say that I’m still in the stages of negotiation and will hopefully be in a position to make a big announcement shortly but in the interests of confidentiality, as this still is a very private/personal matter, I’ll say no more for the time being. But rest assured that I will reveal all when the time is right.

Some of you may be thinking; ‘this still is a very private/personal matter – that’s a bit contradictory after broadcasting it across YouTube?’ And you’d be right. It’s been widely reported that I recorded the CVIV, uploaded it to YouTube and simply relied upon employers to find me, which is fine…but there’s not much of a strategy to that.

In reality, I never intended the video to be viewed in the public domain – hence it’s still delisted and detagged on YouTube. What you won’t know is that the video has actually been live for a number weeks and behind closed doors I have been researching and sourcing individuals/organisations that I wanted to see my CVIV. Again, the response I received from these PR/digital leaders was equally impressive and with a number of opportunities secured, the project took a twist when Paul Armstrong (Kindred) and Robin Grant (We Are Social) asked if they could blog about it.

Not thinking much of it and confident that I had put in the hardwork to convert  at least one fulltime position – I gave them my permission and left the house for an interview as it happens. Two hours later and I returned to find my Twitter stream and email inbox in meltdown. Panic instantly set in as I tried to work out what the hell was going on…because I simply didn’t expect it. Straightaway I emailed Robin; ‘What’s happened? Who are all these people? I’ve only been gone two bloody hours…’ And his reply was hilarious; ‘You’re going viral.’ The rest is history.

Setting the record straight, there was originally a well thought-out strategy and plan to begin with but this soon evolved into something much larger and inevitably uncontrollable once it hit Twitter. I certainly don’t regret my decision to allow open access, which I’ll tell you more about in my next blog, but it would be immoral of me to have people believe that they too can secure employment by simply recording a video, sticking it on YouTube and waiting for the offers to role in.

If you take anything away from my experience, it’s the importance of being able to PR yourself. I follow one simple philosophy and have done since day one of my career – an exceptional PR communicator should and does have the natural ability to PR themself.

Once again, I’d just like to thank everyone for their involvement and support. Please forgive me if I’ve yet to reply to your email/Tweet…I promise I will get round to you shortly. Plenty more to follow in terms of developments, opinions and hopefully some final figures in terms of how viral I actually went. Feel free to post any questions in the comments section and I’ll endeavour to reply asap.

By the Comms Anarchist, London based PR propagandist, social media transmitter and digital brigadier…at least I didn’t say ‘guru’.

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